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3 Ways to Dashboard-Mount your Smartphone

If you're driving a car, you shouldn't be using your phone. There, I said it. Unfortunately, almost no one heeds this advice, myself included. Because maps must be viewed, podcasts must be played, text messages must glance, and so on.

But let's face it: that's insanely dangerous.

It's really hard to not use your phone while driving. But it's not hard to be a little smarter about it, which starts with mounting your phone on your dashboard or windshield.

And let me just say there are a zillion options. Below I've rounded up a handful of them,

Universal car Phone Holder for Video Recording

The Suction Cup Car Phone Holder:  Sturdy Suction Cup adheres to any slick flat surface, especially glass and windshields.  Also the clip fits many phones without having to remove them from their protective case you can record the people and events in the car and the scenery outside the car anytime, anywhere!

The multifunctional universal suction cup car phone holder is suitable for any scene such as Driving recording/Selfie / Live streaming video/Watching TV/Food Shooting/Live Makel-up/Learning in Class/Record Life

One good option: this Leepiya universal car phone mount for video recording

Universal Wireless Charing Phone Holder with Suction Cup Mount

When connect to the power, the car phone mount charger will automatically open, you just need place your cell phone, the holder will automatically clamp the phone and begins charging. Furthermore, one-button to release is also easy. Fast charging for your phone and saves you from messing with cables and cases while driving.

Leepiya makes a Wireless Charing Phone Holder, one that uses a Suction Cup in place of a cradle. Read on to learn more about these kinds of mounts.

Suction Cup Clamp Holder for Tablet

Car tablet holder features a strong suction cup that firmly attaches to your vehicle's windshield or dashboard, providing a secure hold for your tablet even on bumpy roads. Besides, the holder comes with an extra dashboard support base to further enhance stability and minimize any unwanted wobbling, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride for you.

For example, leepiya makes a variety of magnetic mounts


Every car is a little different, and I suspect everyone has different preferences when it comes to mounting their phone. The good news is you don't have to spend a lot to make it happen, even if you have to try a couple different products before landing on the one you like best.

All that being said, this was my preferred choice for my 2008 Mustang and my iPhone.

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