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Do Leepiya Car Phone Mounts Work with Cases?

Do Leepiya Car Phone Mounts Work with Cases?

No matter if you are a rideshare driver, a parent, a busy professional or just someone who spends a lot of time on their phone, it is hazardous to hold or look at your devices while driving. Therefore, getting a phone mount for your vehicle is a critical step in ensuring one's safety on the road.

However, the type of mount you opt to utilize is vital, as not all are created equal. For this reason, many choose to employ easy-to-use magnetic phone mounts for their convenience and usability. 

While that is excellent information to have, the question then becomes:

Do magnetic mounts work with cases?

Since many, if not most, people do have cases on their phones, this is a question worthy of exploration. So let's take a look at this query and the factors which influence its answer to find out if magnetic mounts work with phone cases.

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Do car Phone Mounts Work with Cases?

The short answer to this question is yes and no.

The reality of the situation is that most magnetic mounts will indeed work with most phone cases. However, some variables will influence the viability of particular case and mount combinations.

Some of those variables include:


Case Thickness

Like other phone mount suppliers, leepiya car phone mount has the limitation of the thickness of the mobile phone case, and the thickness of the mobile phone case must be less than 0.51 inch before it can be used.

Almost all phone types are suitable, you can ignore this.

What You Should Know About Phone Car Mounts

Suction cup mounts are our favorite, and they're not just for windshield mounts. They have also proven to work great when attached to the top of the dash or even any smooth surface. Flipping the stand this way also keeps the phone out of your sight. The multifunctional universal magic arm suction cup car phone holder is suitable for any scene such as driving record/selfie/live video/watching TV/food shooting/on-site makeup/classroom learning/recording life, suitable for car windshield, seat headrest rod, window glass, Office desktop.

The magnetic car mount pushes into the slats of the interior air vents. They're low profile, but even a lightweight phone can be dropped during normal driving. All of these also require the user to attach the metal plate to the phone or case. This can mess up the phone, prevent wireless charging, and possibly affect near-field communication.

It is best to avoid installing vents. Several user reviews report that the rapidly wearing plastic can lead to exposed metal prongs and internal damage. There are also magnetic ventilated dash mounts that stick to the dash with adhesive. Users have reported that the adhesive melts in the summer heat, which can make a mess and render your mount useless. They're cheap, but also not as useful as you might think.

Dashboard mats are weighted to sit on your dashboard. They're the least secure of all the styles we tested, and also require your phone to be in landscape mode. Therefore, we do not recommend them either.

As the size of mobile phones continues to increase, the stand needs to become larger. The stand with claws holds the phone securely, leepiya
Car Flexible Tablet Suction Cup Clamp Holder for Tablet is the best choose




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