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Our Values

“Any quotes? Spend some time thinking and make it memorable”

“To be user-centered, sincere, and dedicated to innovative technology.”

Our Story

At Leepiya, we believe there’s an optimal combination of value and innovation. Since our foundation in 2014, we've been dedicated to developing and producing cell phone holders for car video recording, live stream products, and intelligent electronic products, and making them accessible to our everyday consumers. The user-centered philosophy runs in our blood and through our professional management、 R&D、and production teams., as well as customer service.

Our Mission

“To provide great value to users, to increase employee happiness, and to make a difference to the society.”

Upgraded Strong Stickiness Suction Cup

Strong sticky suction cup can be adsorbed on any smooth surface

Rotated up or Down 360°

Can rotate 360 degrees

Suitable for any Occasion

Suitable for all cell phones with a width size >= 3.1 inches and cars. 

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